Did you know that the Chapman community now has access to a tool called NameCoach?  Students, instructors, and staff members can use NameCoach to create and share a recording of their name both inside and outside of Canvas.  One great place to share your name recording (also known as your NameBadge) is in your email signature so that the people you interact with via email can learn how to pronounce your name.  The following video shows how to add a NameCoach recording to your Chapman Outlook email signature:

  1. Go to canvas.chapman.edu and click on NameCoach in the left-hand course navigation menu inside any Canvas course or DEN. Once you click on NameCoach in Canvas one time, NameCoach will recognize your Chapman email address.
  2. Go to name-coach.com/login, click on the Forgot Password? link, and enter your Chapman email address. You will receive an email from NameCoach with a link to create a password.
  3. Once you are logged into NameCoach, select My NameBadge in the top menu and record your name. You can add a photo of yourself and additional information about your name if you would like.
  4. Scroll down on the My NameBadge page and click on the Add NameBadge to your Email Signature tab. Copy a link or button to add to your Chapman Outlook email signature.

Help us foster a sense of belonging and community at Chapman by taking advantage of NameCoach!

Interested in using NameCoach in Canvas?