Dear Chapman Community,

Did you know that there is a way to search Chapman classrooms to see what a classroom looks like and what the room features are?  Using the Online Classroom Inventory (OCI), you can:

  • Search Chapman classrooms by building, by feature, by capacity, or by category (laboratory, active learning classroom, etc.).
  • View photos of your classroom.
  • Check which amenities (whiteboards, furniture, Apple TV, etc.) are available.
  • Check the Zoom room type (Prime, Flexcam, or Connect).
  • Find quick start videos and guides that show how to use the classroom technology!

Access the OCI (

All Chapman classrooms are equipped with special technology for hosting Zoom meetings.  We have three types of Zoom-enabled classrooms: Prime, Flexcam, and Connect.  The Online Classroom Inventory (OCI) can help you find out which type of Zoom-enabled classroom you are teaching in, then you can watch a quick start video or download a quick start guide that shows how to start and manage a Zoom meeting in the classroom.

Watch the video below to see the OCI in action!

Finally, did you know that you can schedule time to meet with a technician in your classroom?  Maybe you have a question about the classroom technology, or you are experiencing an issue, or you are doing something special like Zooming in a guest speaker.  Don’t stress, book an in-person classroom tech assist today!