Dear Chapman Instructors,

We hope that this blog post finds you well and that you are enjoying these final days of summer.

As the start of the fall term draws closer, Educational Technology Services wanted to share a few different ways that you can get oriented to the technology in your classroom and get classroom technology support.

Look up your classroom on the Online Classroom Inventory (OCI)

Did you know that there is a website where you can look up your classroom to see what it looks like and what the room features are?  Using the Online Classroom Inventory (OCI), you can:

  • Search Chapman classrooms by building, by feature, by capacity, or by category (laboratory, active learning classroom, etc.).
  • View photos of your classroom.
  • Check which amenities (whiteboards, furniture, Apple TV, etc.) are available.
  • Check the Zoom room type (Prime, Flexcam, or Connect).
  • Find quick start videos and guides that show how to use the classroom technology!

Access the OCI (

Book an in-person classroom tech assist

Did you know that you can schedule a 1:1 meeting with a classroom technology expert in your classroom?  Maybe you would like to get oriented to the classroom technology, or you need a refresher on using Zoom in your classroom, or maybe you are planning to try something new this fall, like Teaching Untethered with Apple TV.  These last days of summer are a great opportunity to spend some time in your classroom before it is full of students!

Please note: Once classes are in session, sometimes there is only a 10 minute break between classes.  If you schedule an in-person classroom tech assist 15 minutes before your class time, there may be a class finishing up in the classroom, and you may need to wait 5 minutes for the class to end before entering the classroom.

Dial x6666 for classroom technology help

When you are teaching this fall, look for the phone in your classroom.  You can pick up the phone and dial x6666 for classroom technology help.

We look forward to seeing you back on campus and helping you get off to a successful start in your classroom!