The A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research at Chapman University hosted the 39th Annual Economic Forecast on December 15, 2016 and released the forecasts for the United States, California, and Orange County.

Approximately 1,000 Chapman students, alumni, and Orange County business and community leaders were in attendance at the conference in the University’s Musco Center for the Arts.

Dr. Jim Doti, president emeritus of Chapman University and Donald Bren Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics was the presenter. With Dr. Doti back in the classroom, dozens of his students attended the Forecast with a majority remarking that it was their first time going to the event.

Kristina Matysik, a sophomore business administration major with an economics emphasis and new attendee, says, “Since I have had Dr. Doti as a professors for my statistics course, I felt like I was fortunate enough to listen to another one of his interesting lectures.”

Matysik adds, “What specifically fascinates me is Dr. Doti’s attention to detail and ability to connect and find hidden relationships within certain aspects of the economy. His observation regarding the behavior of the T-Bill in response to the T-Bond and the Federal Funds rate is a perfect example of Dr. Doti’s teaching style.”


Dr. Doti indulged the audience with a ‘Trumpenomics’ prologue and then forecasted the Trump administration’s economic efforts.

Dr. Doti also illustrated the future economy as the 45th president and overall Trump administration prepare to take office. With ‘Trumpeconomics’, Dr. Doti detailed how the president-elect’s plans will be moderated with the most significant changes being corporate tax cuts and increased spending on defense on infrastructure.

Logan Flagg ’12 returned to campus to observe the Forecast as a current Orange County business member. Flagg, a senior analyst with Sunwest Bank, remarks, “One finding that stood out to me was the astounding statistic of 40% of your median income going towards the median mortgage payment in Orange County. I, along with friends and colleagues have experienced these difficulties firsthand in the current market.”

These economic insights and more are summarized in the 39th Annual Economic Forecast press release.

After reflecting on attending the conference, Matysik continues, “I would recommend this event to anyone interested in the economy.”

Flagg agrees and says, “Dr. Doti’s optimism for the future was contagious. I am proud to be a Chapman alumnus and am thankful to the University and Dr. Doti for bringing some of Orange County’s best minds together.”