Leatherby Center startup company Script Haven is aiming to change how scripts are bought and sold in the entertainment industry. Instead of forcing writers to hand over complete manuscripts to entertainment studios and be left in limbo about how it is received, Script Haven is introducing an innovative marketplace for writers and producers to find and sell their work. Created by Jake Cloobeck and Antonio De Pinho, both undergraduate students at Chapman University, Script Haven makes purchasing screenplays legally easier than ever through a unique signatory process. Once a writer and producer agree on a price, the purchase can be completed in under one minute.

Script Haven is a new online screenplay marketplace for buying and selling intellectual property, including short form, features and TV pilots. They consider their company a stepping stone for success into the film industry. Their mission is “to empower young college students and emerging screenwriters to breakout earlier in their career and be able to sell their scripts to producers who are looking for work to produce.”

The co-founders are seniors at Chapman, with Cloobeck pursuing a BFA from Dodge College and De Pinho a Business Administration major with emphases in finance and entrepreneurship in the Argyros School. They have utilized the resources at the Leatherby Center from the early development stages of their business and Leatherby Center Director Mario Leone has been enthusiastic and receptive about the business from the beginning. Script Haven is a perfect example of the Leatherby Center as a resource for the entire Chapman community of entrepreneurs, not just students in the Argyros School.