Pharm Robotics

Company: Pharm Robotics

Alexander Chuck ‘19 Co-Founder and CFO
Connor Broughton ‘19 (MBA ‘20) Head of Business Development & Marketing

What differentiates Pharm Robotics in the market?
Pharm Robotics’ system, Sureshot, will be first-to-market in the dairy industry
with the intention to expand into other bovine and farm animals. The company is
currently running an equity crowdfunding campaign for this round of financing and is looking for investments in order to complete their prototype. The system will automate the shot delivery process for dairy farmers to deliver various pharmaceuticals (vaccines, reproductive, and vitamins & minerals) to the dairy cows. As a result, shot records will automatically be uploaded into the dairy farmer’s data management system. Both the shot delivery process and data management (recording, uploading, and managing) process is currently done manually by human labor. Pharm Robotics is automating this process for the market so that farmers will then have more time to attend to other important aspects of their operation as well as require fewer people in their labor force- thus saving them money.

What excites you about your company/industry?
We have the ability to improve the quality of lives and health of both dairy cows
and dairy farmers! Cow’s stress level increase when humans interact with them which is
not good for their health nor the milk they produce. Studies have shown that the
implementation of robotics, such as robotic milking systems, results in lower stress
levels for the cows compared to when humans milk them. We are improving animal
health standards as well as compliance within the industry. Moreover, milk traceability
will become more transparent for the consumer as our system allows for 100% tracking
of what pharmaceuticals are given to which cow and when over the course of their life.
Additionally, we have strategic partnerships with the largest dairy cooperative- Dairy
Farmers of America (DFA), Siemens, and a SaaS company that manages data for over
60% of the cows in the US.

What kinds of people seem to be successful at Pharm Robotics?
Self-starters that are strategic in their actions as well as versatile in their skills
toolset. As a start-up, we work at a fast pace and wear multiple hats which requires the
intuition of knowing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and the ability to
hold oneself accountable for their actions. Our team members all share a vision for the
future of the industry and understand how our solution to an industry problem results in
healthier lives for cows and a more sustainable economic future for dairy farmers.