Emily Hepp ’14 (BACOMM) left California to work in Texas after graduation. Three years later, she is back home and excited to work for her alma mater! She took a few minutes to share her story with us.

Tell us about your position.

I just recently started in Chapman Athletics as their Administrative Supervisor. This job entails all things including working on special events, administrative department support, and supporting our Athletic Director, Terry Boesel. I was also selected as the first ever Chapman Cheer Coach for this year. I am very excited about both of these exciting opportunities!

How did you obtain your position?

After working at Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters in Texas for three years in their Culture Services Department, I was ready to move back home to California. As a previous Chapman Cheerleader, I had a relationship with Chapman Athletics and kept in contact with any opening positons. With the support of Chapman Athletics and the Chapman Cheer program, I was able to obtain the position of both Chapman Cheer Coach and Administrative Supervisor.

 What do you love about this field?

*Side Note – Over this past summer, I published a book called, She Is More Than The Freshman Fifteen. It will be available in our Chapman bookstore soon and can be purchased online at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

I love being a part of a college environment, especially at my Alma mater. Chapman Athletics is a relatively small department, which makes work feel more like a family. I enjoy the school spirit felt in Athletics and the opportunity to get to know the Coaches for all of the different sports.

 How did the School of Communication prepare you for this position?

The School of Communication prepared me for the “real world” in numerous ways. I felt confident starting out at Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters because of my experience at Chapman. The School of Communication prepared me in creating and presenting presentations. Public speaking became a large role in my previous job at Southwest Airlines and I felt prepared due to my experience in the classroom. By learning about new technology and strategic marketing, I felt as though I was ahead of the curve when it came to learning new programs or systems. The School of Communication also prepared me for my current positon in Chapman Athletics by setting me up for success by preparing me with the right tools to excel in my job.

 Is there a particular class/professor that stands out as influential in your position?

Travis Bartosh was one of my favorites professors that I had in Communication Studies. His class was actually one of the very first classes that I took once I transferred to Chapman and I just remember always leaving that class feeling refreshed and always leaving the classroom feeling like a learned something new.

 What advice do you have for current students?

My advice for current students is as follows; sit up towards the front of your classes (as much as you may love chilling in the back, the Internet and other distractions will cause you to miss important notes in class), attend Professor Office Hours (office hours are there for a reason and a great way to get to know your Professors – utilize that time), get to know your classmates (you will start recognizing more students in your classes due to your major (so take time to get to know your classmates because you will likely be with them for years to come), and try to enjoy your time at Chapman (as stressful as classes and finals may be, make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy the experience – it goes by way too quickly). Cheers to the journey!