Are you looking for the basic tools that are vital for your future? Concerned about how to navigate that internship or first job?

Guess what? As a School of Communication student, the tools are available to you through COM 310, Business and Professional Communication.

Looking for internships and jobs as eager students, it is extremely important to be aware of appropriate professional behavior and prepare for your role in the workplace. In this course, experienced professors guide students through a plethora of topics from taking on your first interview to networking in a professional setting. This course is the perfect training guide for taking the next step into your future.

Ten takeaways you can expect from Business and Professional Communication are:

  1. How to utilize LinkedIn
  2. Writing the perfect cover letter
  3. Formatting a creative resume
  4. Delivering an excellent elevator pitch
  5. Communicating in the workplace
  6. How to work effectively in teams
  7. Interviewing 101
  8. The science of persuasion
  9. Building and sustaining workplace relationships
  10. Strategies for blogging and social media

If you are lacking in any of these areas, then this is the perfect course for you!

SCC Senior Spotlight

Jared Peña Senior Strategic & Corporate Communication

“As a Senior, looking back at my experience at Chapman, one of my favorite courses was Business and Professional Communication with Professor Buller. During the course, one of our assignments was to create a LinkedIn page. I had heard all about LinkedIn but never knew how to start one. With the clear guidelines that were given, I was able to successfully create my profile. Applying for internships was not an easy task, hundreds of applicants apply for just one position. With my extensive knowledge in resume building, writing cover letters, and making a professional LinkedIn, I was able to set myself apart from hundreds of applicants and get the internship of my dreams!”


Many Seniors have the same feelings as Jared Peña after taking this course. Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions during registration… Good Luck!