I even received a warm welcome on the company’s LinkedIn page! 

Hey there! My name is Kaylee Rupprecht and this summer I had the amazing opportunity to work as a sales and marketing intern with Bridge IT Consulting in the Bay Area! I am entering my senior year as a Communication Studies major and Political Science minor and have been with Bridge for three months now. Throughout this experience I truly found my footing in the professional world, explored my potential, and learned more than I ever thought I could about the IT industry. From learning new jargon to reaching successes, I had so much fun in my role (and I am excited to share that I will be continuing my internship long-term through the school year!).

From the time I started my position I was welcomed with confidence by the Bridge IT team and was secured with all the tools, software, and resources I could need to successfully get into my stride as a sales and marketing intern.


Bridge IT Consulting is a value added reseller (VAR) that pairs large IT firms with companies to provide tailored IT solutions, such as cloud or endpoint security. These concepts were all extremely foreign when I first started my role but now are familiar and intriguing to me. Throughout growing with Bridge IT, I was given the opportunity to learn hands-on in the IT and cybersecurity fields. I have now had the opportunity to secure four unique tech certifications through our outstanding partners! This acted as an amazing introduction to the industry that has given me the tools and knowledge to continue in the field.

Check out all these certifications I get to carry with me now!

Throughout my position I managed digital media outlets for the company, crafted marketing and PR materials, and ran multiple PR campaigns for hundreds of prospective clients. A personal favorite project of mine was working on the outreach and coordination for a bourbon tasting event that Bridge and its partners held for prospective clients in the tech industry. It was amazing to have a company that believed in me wholeheartedly and valued what my insight could bring to the industry. 

I can confidently say that my Business and Professional Communication course helped prepare me for the professional office setting and gave me the confidence to stand on my own two feet in the corporate world. Through the utilization of my personal network and simply reaching out about a position I was interested in, I was able to secure an internship that has allowed me to grow as a collegiate and professional woman and introduce me to a whole new prospective career path I had never fully considered before. I have been so grateful for this experience!