Many students were able to put projects from SCC 400 on their resumes to show employers that they have gained real world experience before they’ve even left Chapman!

by Shannon Gerdts, Sophie Weil, and Brittany Zamora

Do you find yourself interested in MARKETING and ADVERTISING? What if I told you that you could create an entire marketing campaign! In the School of Communication that sort of hands-on experience is guaranteed. We call that class Message Design II.

Keep reading and we’ll give you a look at the amazing skills you can learn in Message Design II and how you can utilize them in your future.

Before we jump into what sort of principles you will learn, how you will learn them and what amazing skill sets you will build up, we have to take a pit stop. Message Design II or SCC 400 is a 400 level course, that means there are some classes that are necessary to take which will help build up your knowledge and strength, before you can succeed in Message Design II.

What you should already know?

Before you take Message Design II, you should have already completed the classes listed below in order for you to have the best experience possible!

First of all, SCC 100: Introduction to Strategic and Corporate Communications is a must. The ideas introduced in SCC 100 are so important to your success in the rest of the major classes!

Second, COM 210: Theories of Persuasion. This class is so important to helping students understand why different communication tactics work in certain situations!

Third, SCC 200: Message Design I. This class introduces students to the basic ideas behind planning and designing a message!

Finally, SCC 295: Research Methods. Research methods is a must take before Message Design 2, because you use so much information about evaluating messages in MD2!

What will you learn?

Now this is the most important part, right? Everyone goes and checks “Rate My Professor” before signing up for their classes, and we’re here to tell you no matter which professor – even though they are all awesome, and we’ve been told multiple times that the School of Communication has the best faculty, just saying – you take for Message Design II,

You will learn…

  • To communicate professionally. You will be able to strongly represent and defend your chosen message and campaign design with powerful evidence
  • To analyze your target audience. You’ll be able to tailor your messages to appeal to your audience and persuade your parents to give you that extra $20.
  • To select and implement the best medium possible. From flyers to Facebook, you will be taught the pros and pitfalls of every type of medium. You will determine which channels will be most effective for your message, audience, and campaign objective.
  • To evaluate message effectiveness. What in the world does this mean? Well we’re here to tell you! Not only will you learn how to execute a communication campaign, but you will actually be able to determine whether your messages made a measurable impact on your audience!

How will you learn it?

Soooo what are you expected to do?

Although, every professor introduces the information differently it’s always done in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. It honestly depends on which semester you take this course.

Sometimes you will…

  • Exercise your creative abilities
  • Produce an actual marketing campaign
  • Participate in tabling events

Other times you will…

  • Analyze real-world influential messages
  • Create and market fun, exciting messages
  • Evaluate message effectiveness


Why should you learn it?

I know, I know, you’re sitting there thinking, why are these people telling me about this course?

This course is so valuable because you will be able to…

  • Enhance your marketing skills
  • Evaluate your own success
  • Strengthen your resume!
    • Many students were able to put the Rethink campaign on their resumes to show employers that they have gained real world experience before they’ve even left Chapman!

Seriously, just trust us. You should take this course.