If you’re a graduating senior, your first full-time job is just one small step on the path to your ultimate career success and enjoying the life you imagine for yourself. It’s a little like crossing a lake, one stepping stone at a time. The most daunting part of the journey is leaving the safe bank of land that feels familiar and secure. Like all other fantastic journeys, you start with the first step. Right now, that step is landing your first job as an entry-level employee.

It’s impossible to imagine all the different paths you might take toward enjoying what will be your eventual, ideal career. That’s why there’s no pressure now to find the “perfect” company, industry, or job opening. Think of getting your first full-time job as simply putting your foot on the first stepping stone in your transition from student to employee.

Despite what you might think, there are plenty of entry-level job opportunities right now. For example, if you search on LinkedIn Jobs, you will find job postings for:

  • 142,250 coordinator positions
  • 18,959 junior project manager jobs
  • 907,397 sales representative positions

Most of these companies are hiring for positions on a #WFH basis now, with the expectation that you’ll be at the company’s workplace when the current stay-at-home precautions are lifted. If any job requires a skill you don’t have or need to brush up on, remember that LinkedIn Learning is free to Chapman University students and alumni.

Next Steps

On the LinkedIn Jobs search bar, choose from these job titles to find hundreds of positions that might suit you. Narrow down the search with parameters like your geographic preference.

  • Coordinator
  • Data assistant
  • Junior project manager
  • Public relations assistant
  • Customer service representative
  • Team administrative assistant
  • Community manager
  • Survey researcher
  • Assistant media planner
  • Brand assistant
  • Marketing communications coordinator
  • Health data analyst
  • Health information technician
  • Video editor
  • Podcast coordinator
  • Development coordinator
  • Social media coordinator