How do you succinctly communicate everything you are and aspire to be, especially when it comes to making an impression on your future employer? Consider using the power of a personal motto in your LinkedIn job title or summary. A personal motto is especially powerful if you don’t yet have a title that defines your future self. If you are a student or someone seeking to make a career transition, you might be overlooked because your present situation or job title throws a curve at your ideal future employer. If you don’t communicate your personal brand, then LinkedIn might actually be a liability for you because you appear to only be what you’ve done or not done in the past, and not who you really are.

You want to take every opportunity to powerfully communicate what makes you … you. What makes you a uniquely valuable and compelling candidate? It’s not just your skills. It’s your authentic personal traits, qualities, and interests!

Your LinkedIn profile has the power to attract the right employer and serve as a touchpoint for someone evaluating your resume or application. At all times of the day and night, recruiters and hiring managers are researching candidates who’ve already applied and searching for great candidates who haven’t. They are working while you sleep, eat, study, attend class, work, socialize, attend to your social media, watch programs, exercise, and do the myriad of things that make up your day and night.

You can’t depend on sending your resume at the perfect time – that is, when an employer is looking for someone just like you.

So, while you’re busy with your life, LinkedIn functions 24/7/365 as the silent sales representative of your personal brand, as much as it is the keeper of your recommendations, skills, work samples, and, of course, your work experience and relevant activities.

That’s why you also want to communicate the qualities that underlie your potential. What is your greatest strength? How do you get things done? Why do people like to have you around? Those three dimensions of your character come together to form what I call your Personal Brand Triad.

While there are different ways to communicate your personal brand, perhaps the most profound and quickest way is to use a motto. In my LinkedIn profile, my “title” includes “Let’s bridge your real life to your ideal life.” That reflects my Personal Brand Triad, which is smart, inventive, and encouraging.

Beyond LinkedIn, you can also use your personal motto when you sign off an email, instead of the typical “Best” or “Cheers.” A football coach in Ohio signs all his emails with his personal motto: “Make a Difference Today!”

Use your personal motto in creative ways so people can easily discern what kind of person – and potential employee – you are. Think about using your personal motto on your social media and business cards.

Next Steps

  1. Consider the three qualities that define your greatest strength, the way you solve problems, and why people appreciate you.
  2. With those qualities in mind, visit a quotations website and pick some quotes that reflect your authentic nature.
  3. Use your messaging skills to craft your own personal motto with inspiration from the quotes you selected.
  4. Put your personal motto in your LinkedIn title or summary, social media, cover letter, emails, and anywhere else you can showcase your unique and compelling qualities.