We had just finished setting up the new store!

Hey everyone! My name is Mackenzie Maynard and I am a senior here at Chapman. I was lucky enough to land my second internship with an amazing company called Marine Layer. Marine Layer is a retail store tailored to target individuals who embody their 7-day weekend lifestyle and who appreciate sustainable fabrics. 

My primary responsibilities at Marine Layer included helping market to their target audience along with helping merchandise the store. Marine Layer was originally located on Lido in Newport Beach, California, however, we relocated to a store-front in Fashion Island. Being able to be a part of the relocation process was tough, but so worth it! I was able to meet with property managers who helped us gain the knowledge and experience we needed to become successful in our new, cozy spot. I was also tasked with meetings with people who are familiar with marketing your brand inside of a mall. This was extremely valuable because not only did I learn about how to sell your merchandise best, but also met some amazing people that work within the fashion industry. 

Working within the pandemic has not been easy, but Marine Layer has done an excellent job protecting their employees and the community. We have launched campaigns to promote “safe shopping” and new safety guidelines. Being able to work alongside my supervisor with these new ideas was something I will never forget. I was able to learn so much about how important it is to keep customers safe while still maintaining our goal of sales and we have been very successful in our ability to balance the two. Since part of this internship has been remote, I have learned so much about technology and teamwork within an online environment. My public speaking skills have improved immensely as I have had help from my supervisor and mixed some of the skills I have learned throughout my time at Chapman. 

The new layout!

My greatest accomplishment has been successfully renovating and polishing up the new store. Never be afraid to share your ideas even if you think they may not be the best! I have been given the ability to share so many of my ideas that have actually been implemented into the store’s daily duties. My safety campaign during the pandemic led us to great success as shoppers feel comfortable and safe within the store. I would highly recommend checking out Marine Layer for future opportunities as I have learned more than I could imagine – even in the toughest of times. 

My biggest advice to all is never be afraid to speak up about ideas you have and never be afraid to ask for help!