Melissa Borgmeyer graduated from Chapman University with a Communication Studies degree with a minor in Leadership in 2020. After graduation, she had a few setbacks when it came to finding a job, but she never gave up. Using her skills she learned from what she calls the ‘family’ of the School of Communication, she now is working in Tennessee in the marketing world. To connect further with Melissa, you can find her on LinkedIn.

Melissa Borgmeyer ’20

Where are you working and what is your job title?

I currently work at Eyecare Plus as the Marketing and Social Media Director.

What does your job entail?

I am in charge of Marketing and Promotions for the eight stores in Middle Tennessee along with working with staff and clients for newsletters and reminders. I am responsible for photography and working with all social media platforms. I love how I am able to be creative and use the skills I have learned in my life. Not only that, but I am right down the street from the World Famous Bluebird Cafe!

What was the job search like and tell us about any experience that helped you prepare for future jobs?

Graduating during a pandemic is tough, but moving across the country is also rough! I was getting applications out along with interviewing with a lot of top companies. However,  this job was meant to be. It takes all of my skills and mixes it into one job. I interned for a non-profit while at Chapman and this gave me experience rebranding the organization and working with social media platforms using Google Analytics to see how to market to those reached.

Why did you choose Chapman University and the School of Communication?

I chose Chapman because it was a family walking in. Even before starting Dr. Weber had me come in and look at classes I not only needed but to find ones that lined up with skills that would help me at any job. Every professor wants to see you succeed.

How has your School of Communication degree benefitted you in your career?

From Digital Marketing, to podcasting and Chapman Radio, I was given an edge through my Communication Studies coursework. Additionally, it really helped me in speaking in a crowd or to a panel of interviewers on Zoom. Mindful Communication helps me to meditate and be thoughtful about my communication before an important interview or meeting. Of course, the foundation I received from Dr. B through Program Advising and her courses as well as Career Services and their guidance with professionalism and finding out how to have a plan A, B, and C really made me marketable. I needed all of this while searching for a job during a pandemic when Music is shut down in Music City.

What advice do you have for undergraduate students or recent graduates?

Look at your classes, not only the fun classes but what can give you the best skills! Sometimes it is necessary to look outside of the box. I took an entrepreneurship and leadership classes to help develop more skills. Talk to all of your professors and know they are there to help go to office hours, ask questions. If you are looking for a job or internship DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep working on your skills and use the resources.