Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Reynoso, and I am a senior at Chapman University, majoring in Communication Studies with a Themed Inquiry in Ethnic Studies. This Fall semester, I had the opportunity to join Aflac’s internship program as a Sales Associate. Aflac is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. I was an intern at their Market Office located in Irvine, CA. Throughout this experience, I got a glimpse into the professional world, made great connections, and learned a lot about the insurance industry.

I found this internship through networking from a previous project I did in high school, however, they also had a post on Handshake! I think Handshake is a beneficial platform for Chapman students to utilize, as there are so many job/internship opportunities listed. 

At the Aflac office!

During the first few days of my internship, I met with my site supervisor and other interns within the Aflac internship program. It was a welcoming start to Aflac’s company, where the first day, I met agents in the office and participated in engagement activities with my fellow interns. While the first day at the Market Office was a bit nerve-wracking, everyone at the office was so kind. Aflac’s workplace environment is collaborative and engaging yet challenging and rewarding. As an intern, I have the same responsibilities as an Aflac associate, which include prospecting and making cold calls, servicing new and existing accounts, and participating in regional training and events. Although initially overwhelming, participating in onboarding training made these role responsibilities easier to do. Within the first week, I also enrolled in a pre-licensing course to obtain my CA Health & Life Insurance license, which was necessary if we opted for a paid internship. 

I got to attend National Recruitment Calls over Zoom!

Working for Aflac has been such an educational experience. Even in my short time here, I have already grasped a lot of insight into the insurance industry and Aflac’s company. Throughout this internship program so far, the most beneficial aspects have been studying for my insurance license and getting that in-office experience. The content I have been able to retain from this prelicensing course has been so beneficial in understanding what this company does and the components within the health and life insurance industry. Additionally, the opportunity to be in an office setting gives me a glimpse of work life post-graduation. I think all aspects of this program have been beneficial because I now know a lot more about this industry and what it’s like working for a company than I did before. Although cold calls can be frustrating and group work can be challenging, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and have been able to improve my skills. 

Aflac University Programs

The Communication courses here at Chapman have definitely helped me in my role as a sales associate intern. To work in sales, communication is key. COM 310 – Business and Professional Communication was a beneficial course that helped me to better understand how to effectively communicate within the workplace. Additionally, this course helped students build LinkedIn profiles, navigate Handshake, and properly apply for jobs.

My time overall working for Aflac has been such a valuable experience. I have learned much about the workforce and have gained great knowledge of the insurance industry. This internship program has been an amazing opportunity as it has allowed me to grow within the professional world and has introduced me to a new potential career path!