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My name is Valerie Esquivel, I am a senior majoring in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Race and Ethnicity. Unlike many other students here at Chapman University, my experience finding an internship was quite spontaneous. After submitting several internship applications and completing numerous interviews, I was left with no options. This caused me to endure a lot of stress as I was en route to graduating in the Spring semester. Nonetheless, I did not give up and continued applying. Then one day, as I was visiting my favorite coffee shop, I noticed a small business flyer that entailed a potential internship opportunity. Almost immediately, I was able to set up a Zoom call and landed the internship! My internship was with a small business known as Currant Plus Enterprise. They specialize in supplements and promote products to help with overall immunity and health. My job as an intern entailed many roles. Since they were under new management, it was all hands on deck. Some days I was responding to emails, troubleshooting incorrect orders, or logging inventory. On other days I shadowed meetings and helped with any miscellaneous tasks. I also got the opportunity to attend the Anaheim all-natural products expo event, where I was able to network with companies such as La Croix, Celsius, Oatley, and many more. This internship experience taught me how to manage my time effectively and targeted my leadership skills. Given that the department I was assigned to was very small, I had the opportunity to voice my opinions and display my organizational skills. I was able to improve my public speaking skills overall, which helped boost my confidence in a corporate setting. Some notable additions I can make to my resume are my expertise in website development, as well as my experience in planning and executing corporate events.

This internship taught me many applicable skills that relate directly to my coursework as a communication major. For example, Business and Professional Comm and Marketing Through the Communicator’s Lens were very insightful classes that helped me navigate my internship. The information I learned from these courses enabled me to draft potential marketing plans and assist with formal business writing. My overall professionalism also excelled, given that I had never worked so closely with a corporate company before. My networking skills improved as well. For example, when I was working at the expo, I was able to connect with a CFO whose field of work directly correlated with my major. I was then able to gain contact information and found a great way to expand my network. I think, especially in the field of Communication, there are a lot of misconceptions that surround the major, but it is actually extremely applicable to many fields of work. Taking on an internship also taught me how to manage my time while being a full-time student. Ultimately, if you are thinking about an internship or are struggling to find one, do not be afraid to put yourself out there and start conversations for yourself. I am grateful to the School of Communication for preparing me for the corporate world and encouraging others to put themselves out there for potential opportunities