Congratulations to the following students who were presented with prestigious research awards:


baylor-hogan_libraryresearchawardBaylor Hogan, Kinesiology ‘16

First place in the Kevin and Tam Ross Leatherby Libraries Undergraduate Research Competition

Baylor’s research focused on the effectiveness of yoga on adults who have suffered from stroke. This is the first year a Crean student has been awarded first place in the Kevin and Tam Ross Research Competition. Baylor will be attending Crean College’s
Doctor of Physical Therapy
program in the Fall as well!

Mentored by
Dr. Elizabeth Debeats

Shantaé Thornton, Health Sciences ‘16

TriBeta John C. Johnson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research


Her poster was presented at the BBB Pacific District Conference at Cal Poly Pomona.

Shantaé’s research focused on myokines, molecules that are released after exercise. One myokine in particular, IL-15, shows potential in the fight against obesity. Dr. Abbott explains, “…It’s hard to make an exercise and diet routine stick. With this in mind the scientific community is on a mission to find “molecules” that might increase energy expenditure to promote weight loss.”

Mentored by Dr. Marcia Abbott



slater-brady-headshot            Brady Slater, for his Kinesiology Research. Biology ’16

David S. Bruce Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Award by the American Physiological Society

As Brady states, “Our research was focused on determining the effects of resistance training and moderate caloric restriction on the bone health of growing adolescents. We worked with growing male rats in 2014, and growing female rats in 2015. We exercised certain groups with weights and fed certain groups fewer calories. We then performed tests to determine how the bone destiny and bone strength of the animals were affected by these different factors. Our goal is to determine if the increase in bone health gained by resistance training is enough to compensate for the potential decrease in bone health due to the caloric restriction.”

Mentored by Dr. Ken Sumida