On May 16, 2018 Crean College of Health & Behavioral Sciences held its annual Senior Awards Banquet. Graduates and their guests enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by an awards ceremony recognizing those with outstanding academic achievement in their major. Here is a list of the honorees:

Department of Psychology- Department Honors (in alphabetical order)

Samira Amirazizi, Kiana Arvand, Adina Corke, Joanna Dare, Andrea Fernandez, Alexandra Galvin, Moriah Geller, Paige Grief, Jaden Harding, Chloe Horner, Lucie Jerome, Joy Park, Kelsey Leavy, Griffyn Pilcher, Ashely Ramos, and Caitlyn Turner

Department of Psychology- Outstanding Service

Adina Corke and Chloe Horner

Department of Psychology- Outstanding Research

Moriah Geller, Lucie Jerome, and Kelsey Leavy

Department of Psychology- Outstanding Thesis

Ariann Ghoranian

Department of Psychology- Outstanding Seniors

Joanna Dare and Samira Amirazizi

Department of Psychology- 3.5 + GPA

Maribel Barrios, Grace Carillo, Alyssa Cathcart, Esther Cha, Demerie Davidson, Olivia Denuit, Christopher Garau, Ariann Ghorbanian, Kelly Gough, Kailee Groscost, Grecia Gutierrez, Jessica Keegan, Angela King, Carli McCulloch, Mariko McCully, Juliet Olsen, Zachary Radoff, Elizabeth Rentko, Catherine Rocher, Lily Shapiro, Taylor Stewart, Varsha Suresh Kumar, Lucia Vargas, Dana Vengrow, Sara Wagner, Morgan Warburton, Alexi Yegoyan, Isabelle Alacron, Renee Plaza

Department of Health Science- Department Honors (in alphabetical order)

Wajiha Memon, Elaine Oldford, McClain Vail, Thimanthi Withana

Department of Health Science- Scholar of the Year

Wajiha Memon and Elaine Oldford

Department of Health Science- Scholar Athlete of the Year

Sarah Taketa and Rachel Kling

Department of Health Science- Outstanding Service

Mikayla Brown

Department of Health Science- Outstanding Seniors

McClain Vail and Michelle Pridgeon

Department of Health Science- 3.5 + GPA

Lana Boladian, Taylor Brummond, Mia Garcia, Madi Hill, Savannah Horton, Julia Kim, Alisha Kopecky, Peter Loakes, Joel Mack, Nevin Masri, Vijay Reddy, Jenna Roux, Emma Roznos, Lepeka Sagiao, Daniel Seong, Kylie Snyder, Alanna Somers, Eric Tran, Kendall Zewald

Department of Kinesiology- Department Honors

Michelle Nguyen and Aubrey Van Dyke

Department of Kinesiology- Scholar of the Year

Michelle Nguyen

Department of Kinesiology- Scholar Athlete of the Year

Elaine Peterson and Jamie Hum-Nishikado

Department of Kinesiology- Outstanding Service

Lara Mukhar

Department of Kinesiology- Outstanding Senior

Kayla Katzman

Congratulations to all of the honorees and the entire class of 2018!