On May 11, 2018 the offices of The President, Provost, and Vice President of Research held their annual Honors Convocation which recognizes faculty across campus for outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarship, and research. Crean College faculty racked up six different awards in various categories including top prizes in research and creative activity. Here is a look at the winners.

2018-19 Wang Fradkin Professorship

Dr. Julia Boehm was selected to receive the prestigious Wang-Fradkin Assistant Professorship Award. Dr. Boehm is an assistant professor of Psychology and director of the Health & Well Being Lab.

The Wang-Fradkin professorships are named in honor of Hua-Cheng Wang, a distinguished political scientist and diplomat, and Dr. Cheng-Mei Wang Fradkin, who was professor of Biology and chair of the division of Natural Sciences until her death in 1983. Originally founded by Dr. Fradkin as a fellowship in 1982 in honor of her father, the University in 1996 changed the award to a professorship and added the name of Dr. Fradkin to honor both scholars.


2018-19 Valerie Scudder Award

Dr. Marybeth Grant-Beuttler received the Valerie Scudder Award. Dr. Grant-Beuttler is an associate professor of Physcial Therapy and director of the Motor Control and Motor Development Research lab.

The Valerie Scudder Award recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching and research/creative work. It was the first award of merit to be given to faculty members by the university. Valerie Scudder was a returning adult student to Chapman College in the 1980’s and later became a trustee.

Faculty Opportunity Awards

Thirty-eight proposals totalling nearly $500,000 were submitted to the highly competitive Opportunity Awards program. Only fifteen proposals were selected. Out of those fifteen, two went to Crean College faculty.

Dr. Marcia Abbott’s proposal “The Effects of Yoga on Obesiogenic Biomarkers” was awarded $15,000. Dr. Abbott is an assistant professor of Health Science and the director of the Molecular Regulators of Obesity lab. “I’m very honored and excited to have been selected for this award!  I’m looking forward to launching a research program aimed at examining the effects of Yoga on human health.  Outcomes from these studies will yield novel insights into biomarkers involved in orchestrating the beneficial effects of Yoga for the treatment of obesity,” said Dr. Abbott.


Dr. Brooke Jenkins’ proposal “Positive Affect and Asthma in Pediatric Populations” was also awarded $15,000. Dr. Jenkins is an assistant professor of Psychology and the director of the Affect Regulation and Health Lab. “I was thrilled to receive the Faculty Opportunity Fund for my work in the Pulmonary Department at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. This funding will provide me and my student research assistants with the resources we need to study how emotion impacts lung functioning in children with asthma,” said Dr. Jenkins.



Faculty Excellence Awards

Recipients of Chapman’s Faculty Excellence awards are chosen by their peers for demonstrating excellence in one of three categories: Scholarly and Creative Activity, Service to the University, and Teaching. Assistant professor of Physician Assistant Studies, Gabriel Belinsky and Dr. Marybeth Grant-Beuttler received Excellence in Teaching awards.

Faculty Promotions

Dr. David Pinucs was promoted to full professor of Psychology and Dr. David Frederick was promoted to associate professor of Psychology.