Want to create your own TV series but don’t have any connections at any of the broadcast or cable networks?  No problem – just create your own blog.

More and more, producers, studios and networks are looking to the Internet to find fresh, original voices that just happen to have developed their own loyal core audience already.  CBS led the way by turning the Twitter postings turned best-selling book $#*! My Dad Says into a series and giving it a prime position on Thursday night right after their smash hit The Big Bang Theory.  Now Showtime is developing Boycrazy based on Alexi Wasser’s provocative blog ImBoyCrazy.com, and CBS is developing two more Twitter feed-based comedies for next season: Dear Girls Above Me and Shh…Don’t Tell Steve, while ABC is developing a series based on the blog Awkward Family Photos.

Make no mistake – the networks aren’t putting the bloggers in charge.  They are pairing them with experienced showrunners and producers.  But the networks are recognizing the fact that there is a tremendous reservoir of potential material floating around on the Internet and they intend to tap into it.

What are they looking for specifically?  The same thing they used to look for in standup comics – an original voice with a strong point of view about the world we live in today.

So what are you waiting for?  Fire up your laptop, start a blog, and start sharing the way you see the world with…well, the world.  You may end up creating a TV show in the process.