Web video – that is, video conceived of, shot, and produced entirely for disribution through online channels – is revolutionizing the film world.  Built from the ground-up with digital technologies in mind, Dodge College thrives on these new storytelling principles.  And so do our students – recently, to the tune of $10,000!

Dodge College of Media Arts student Ben Kepner (Film Production ’13) was in Adjunct Professor Frank Chindamo’s class last May when one of the guest speakers, Cindi Rice of Epic-Level Entertainment, made an offer to the entire class of 27 students. She knew they had learned about web video all semester and were especially savvy about what works in that new media medium, so she offered the students a $10,000 grant, plus Red Cameras, a studio and more, if they could pitch her a web video about electronic gaming that would drive traffic to the site.

Only three students rose to the challenge. Ben Kepner was one of them, and his script, Nerd of the Night, was selected. Better yet, he submitted his reel to Rice, who agreed he could direct the film as well.

True to their word, Epic-Level gave Kepner the budget. Kepner and fellow student Elizabeth Iverson (Film Production ’13) produced the film with guidance from Rice and Chindamo. The film shot July 28th and 29th with a crew that drew primarily on Chapman alumni and students. It is now in post-production and will premiere September 26th online.

Kepner said of the film,

Having a chance to direct in a professional context before leaving Chapman has been an invaluable experience.  After this summer, I definitely feel better prepared to tackle the professional world outside of film school.

Guest speakers and great opportunities are standard in Chindamo’s classes, which still have spaces available for the fall. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and register today! (FTV 374-01, Undergraduate and FTV 574-01, Graduate Level) and Byte-Sized TV (FTV 313-02).