Alumnus Pete Villani (BFA Cinematography ’02) will be honored with a coveted Emerging Cinematographer Award for his work as a camera operator on the recet film
, in an awards ceremony to take place September 30, in Los Angeles.

The ICG (International Cinematographers Guild) holds an awards ceremony annually to highlight and celebrate the brightest bulbs in the cinematography industry, at its Emerging Cinematographers Awards.  The award
was created with the goal of 

Nurturing talent and giving promising cinematographers the crucial exposure they need to succeed in the Motion International Cinematographers Guild LogoPicture Industry lies at the heart of the International Cinematographers Guild’s annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

Since its inception more than 1,000 short film entries have been submitted by Camera Operators and Assistants, proving that there is a much needed forum for budding cinematographers to show their craft.  The winning films are selected by a panel of judges comprised of ICG members from all over the country.  Each film is no more than 30 minutes in length.

This year, one of our esteemed alumni, Pete Villani, is among the talented Honorees.  Take a look at some short samples of their work in the Guild’s trailer:

Carjack is about a car thief who gets more than he bargained for. Camera operator Pete Villani studied at Chapman University where his plan to become a director was altered by his interest in camera and lighting. His cinematography professor at Chapman, Jurg Walthers, taught him to think organically, through lens choice and lighting. Eventually he earned his Master’s degree at the American Film Institute under the teachings of Bill Dill, ASC. During his last year at AFI, Pete interned for Allen Daviau, ASC and joined Local 600 in 2006. Villani’s recent credits include shooting some additional footage for the film The Babymakers, directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, a Fox digital short he shot, and a Web series, directed by Martha Coolidge, for which he operated.

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Notice that professors Jurg Walther, Bill Dill, and Martha Coolidge are mentioned also!  While it might seem massive and overwhelming to outsiders, our working students and professors always seem to bump into each other throughout Hollywood.

ceremony will take place september 30th,
at the Director’s Guild Theater, here in Los Angeles, where our own First Cut awards are held, as well.  Congratulations in advance to Pete and all the recipients!