Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has teamed up with Dell to explore and deliver a collaborative project, created on the Dell Precision 5720 AiO, testing its true limits. The spot was co-created by students Luke Snedecor (BFA/DA ’19) and Kyle Harrington (BFA/IMDC ’19).

“We asked ourselves how would experiencing a narrative story in virtual reality affect the way an audience understands it, compared to viewing it on a traditional screen,” says Snedecor, President of the Virtual Reality Club at Dodge College.

This virtual reality project challenges how the viewer perceives narrative content through an immersive exploration that promises to deliver a unique experience.


About the Product

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The powerful Dell Precision 5720 AiO and the unique Dell Canvas, both together deliver a completely unique, intuitive and interactive experience that creatives have always been looking for. As PCs expand in power and capabilities, there are more affordable options hitting the market that can handle the professional work, are reliable and serviceable and have stunning designs for cutting-edge technologies at leading universities.

Many vendors today offer All-in-One PCs, although the new Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One workstation can power a variety of professional uses, including audio and video editing, visual effects and professional imaging, and starts at only $1,699. Additionally, Dell’s created an all new category of product, called the Dell Canvas. Users enjoy working with their hands. The more they immerse themselves in their designs, the better the designs are and the more content they are producing at work. Today, the first version of Dell Canvas enables users to immerse themselves in their content and work with it much more interactively and intuitively with a complete package of 27” touch display, a highly precise pen and totems.