The Application Period is now open for Destination: Africa 2013, through November 19th.  The films made in last year’s program to Mozambique will screen November 29th at 7PM.

Now accepting applications for those interested in going to Uganda to create short documentaries about NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) on a
Full Scholarship

Participants are required to enroll in the program for 3 courses in 2013 (Spring, Pre-Production; Summer, Production; Fall, Post-Production). Approximate shooting dates in Uganda are May 19 – 31, 2013.
Destination: Africa, Mozambique Poster

Applications are
due by 5 p.m. on Monday, November 19

Applicants should send an email to Professor Jeff Swimmer
with the following:

  1. Name
  2. Year In School
  3. Major
  4. GPA
  5. List Documentary and related film production experience
  6. Explain why you are well-suited to go on this program
  7. Explain why you want to go

Successful applicants will go to the Second Round, which involves a short interview with Professor Swimmer in the week of November 26.

Final Notifications will be made by Wednesday, November 28