“Acting is important in animation,” Liu Chen said to Professor Ivar Brogger when asked about why she was visiting Dodge College. Chen, along with fellow student contest winners from China, spent the week attending workshops where they learned the process of becoming an actor from Professor Kelly Galindo, as well as the basics of being on a live set from Professor Brogger.

Chen is one of a handful of students who entered Beijing’s EZart Education short film competition for the chance to participate in a weeklong workshop at Chapman. The winners, which included an animator, a director of photography, a screenwriter, and a director – gathered at Dodge College this January to absorb as much about the actor/director relationship in as little time as possible.

Industry veteran Sha Bihong, who has worked in Chinese television for 30 years as a documentarian as well as a personality, accompanied the group. Bihong, who owns her own production company, has come to Dodge College to begin a new chapter and “to understand more about the style of film in America, especially in Hollywood” a desire that is echoed by each member of the group who are all seeking to grow in their craft and learn as much as possible during their time on campus.

Chapman University frequently collaborates with educational institutions such as EZart to offer international students the opportunity to learn from industry veterans in the U.S. These cross-border relationships are vital in advancing the mission of the university, to create a global classroom environment that extends beyond the physical walls of the campus.

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