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Dylan Sidoo

courtesy of desitoday.ca

Dylan Sidoo is one of those men who can naturally excel at something when he puts his mind to it. A former athlete with an interest in film, Sidoo left home with his family’s support and ventured to California to learn more about film production at Chapman University’s exclusive and illustrious Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Now home for the summer with a year of studies and successful short films under his belt, Dylan has left a lasting impression on his peers as a down to earth film producer who will play a vital part of the future of the film industry.

At 19 years of age Sidoo is a young aspiring film producer, but what he lacks in age he makes up for in wisdom, confidence, and modesty. On top of that, Dylan Sidoo has shown that he can do other things well besides film. An accomplished athlete, Sidoo surprised teachers and coaches at St. George’s School when he made the decision to put sports on the backburner and focus his time and energy on his studies and to pursue the arts. With acting, film production and athletics standing firmly in his repertoire, Sidoo continues to grow as a man of importance and will be a big influence in the future of the film industry.