Haven’t nailed down your plans for January yet?  No problem, you’re in the right place.  And for those of you on the final stretch towards your degree, a reminder about a very important deadline rapidly approaching on January 15.  Read on for all the critical info!


Please take note of the following academic deadlines:

  • January 10, is the last day to add interterm courses, drop courses without record of enrollment, and change a course to audit option.
  • January 23 is the last day to drop a course with a W or change grading option (P/NP or letter grade).

Yes, that means you can still register for an Interterm class, as long as the professor allows it, and no significant deadlines have already been missed. (For example, it is impossible to register for one of our travel courses this late, as the class necessitates far more logistical planning than an on-campus class.  Students were notified of these deadlines well in advance, last semester.)

Well, ‘which class should I register for?’ you might ask, and I’ve got you covered!  Here’s a list of classes you can still enroll in:

  • Class Name: (Course #)
  • Location Filmmaking: (271 / 371 / 571)
  • Prime Time Production: Shooting the Dramatic Series (363)
  • Unit Production Management: TV (329)
  • Transcultural Documentary (323)
  • Writing the Comedic Film (329 / 529)
  • Principles of Public Relations (231)
  • Short Script Workshop (387 / 587)
  • Essentials of Stunts and Special Effects (329 / 529)
  • ProTools Certification (359 / 559)
  • Desktop Publishing (305)
  • Avid Certification (468 / 568)

Keep in mind, this list is far from exhaustive; these are just the Dodge College classes being offered this January.  Students are welcome to take classes outside the College, and the lineup of offerings changes significantly from year to year.  So, if something jumps out at you right away, don’t miss your chance to take it!


Deadline to apply for degree conferral is Wednesday, January 15.

Seniors, although you might complete all of your degree program requirements by the end of spring semester, please remember that graduation is not automatic. All students who are preparing to graduate must apply for Degree Conferral in WebAdvisor so that the Office of the Registrar may assess your eligibility to receive your degree. Please apply for the actual semester in which all your degree requirements will be (or have been) met.

The preferred deadline is Wednesday, January 15.

The online Application for Degree Conferral takes only a few moments to complete and there is no cost to seniors.