Dodge College students on the set of the Interterm motion capture film Trellis recently received a letter of gratitude from the family of child actor Logan Garretson. The complete letter is below.

Congratulations to these students – you continue to embody professionalism, dedication and decorum both on and off the set.

To Chapman University,

My family and I wanted to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to all the students that worked on the Short Film Trellis at Chapman University Dodge College. Although we had heard that Chapman University Film School had a great reputation and a top-­‐notch film department, our personal experience completely exceeded our expectations! My son Logan Garretson is a professional union actor who is 14 years old, and had the pleasure of working with this group of very talented aspiring filmmakers. We were extremely impressed by the level of professionalism while on and off the set. The students were very helpful, knowledgeable, and informative.  Each and everyday we looked forward to working with our new extended family. It was amazing to see how focused and dedicated these students are. They were constantly engaged in the process and every moment was a new moment of creativity.

Everyone had something special to bring to this project and worked in complete unison. Even with time constraints, the daily pressures, and sometimes sacrificing their sleep time, they never showed any signs of stress and handled themselves like pros. The students made great mentors for my son Logan, and it was a privilege to work among such delightful group of bright individuals and young professionals.  We had many questions about the University itself and I am proud to say that we would gladly partake in any future film projects at Chapman University. I would highly recommend any actor looking to advance their career and or wanting to work in film to seek out Chapman University as it has been an inspiration and has opened many doors for my son Logan. We are also seriously considering Chapman University for his future College Education.

We would like to especially thank Cecil Robertson-­‐ Producer, Jackson Miller-­‐Writer & Director, Casey Stolberg –Director of Photography, Ryan Hoskins-­‐ first AD, Kendall Goldberg –Second AD, and Kristie Lee – Co Producer, Sam Pinnelas – UPM, Nicholas Viscounty-­‐ Script Supervisor, Brian Weisbord – First A.C., Sophia Bui – Second A.C., Nicole Ramirez-­‐ Production Design, Francesca Parodi-­‐ Art Director, Andrew Evers-­‐ Greensman/FX, Annabell Liao-­‐ Prop Master, Andrew Guastaferro – Sound Mixer, Stephen Hoffmeister-­‐ Boom Op, Mohit Kakkar –Sound, Taylor Ford – Key grip, Phil Vernon-­‐ B.B. Grip, Ian Schimmel-­‐ Grip, Tom Teller-­‐ Grip, Nick Rasey – Grip, Phil Vemon-­‐ Grip, Grant Nguyen-­‐ Grip, Michael Stanzianale-­‐ Grip, Ian Quill-­‐ Gaffer, Claire Coleman Electric, Elijah Guess – Electric, Lu L.-­‐ Key Makeup, Hiroki Vakamatsu – Costume & Makeup, Jeff Hodges-­‐ Production Design, Tim Trankle-­‐ VFX Supervisor, Harjus Sethi-­‐ VFX Consultant, Sam Watt – Photographer, and last but not least Professor Henry Roy Finch for his guidance and support. These Students exemplify excellence and were all instrumental in navigating us through this wonderful short film project.


The Garretson Family