Several Dodge College alumni and students were at the Tribeca Film Festival this year which was held in New York City from April 17 – 27. Many of them were there because they had worked on the new Joss Whedon film In Your Eyes, which was having its World Premiere at the festival. Maileen Williams (BFA/FP ’04), was the co-producer of the film, Elisha Christian (BFA/FP ’02) was the cinematographer, Kyle Klütz (BFA/FP ’05) was a camera operator, Alex Gaynor (MFA/FP ’10) was gaffer, Drew Moe (MFA/FP ’10) was the digital imaging technician, and M. Elizabeth Hughes (MFA/FP ’08) was a line producer.

Kyle Klütz was also the cinematographer on two other films at Tribeca this year. He shot the feature film Honeymoon (which had premiered at SXSW before its Tribeca screening) and the short film Sequence (directed by Dodge alum Carles Torrens ‘08) which has won a slew of awards on the festival circuit including the Best of Festival award at LA Shorts Fest, which qualified his film to be considered for the short film Academy Award.

Ben Mullinkosson (BFA/FP ‘13) and Kristelle Laroche (BFA/TBJ ’14) were at Tribeca with their short documentary film The Pink Helmet Posse which screened in a program called “Before Long.” Bella, one of the young skater girls featured in the documentary, also showed up for the screening wearing her pink dress but without the pink crash helmet and skateboard. The Pink Helmet Posse was made in Professor Sally Rubin’s “Project W” class. This is the most recent Chapman student film to be programmed in the Tribeca Film Festival.