On Thursday, October 9, Dodge College will host the 16th Annual Animation Show Of Shows.

Presented by Acme Film Works, Show of Shows has been hosted at Dodge for the last 6 years. Ron Diamond, President of Acme Film Works, curates this collection of short animated films every year, making the choices based on what he believes to the most innovative and exciting work he has seen world-wide. Since he started doing Show of Shows, Diamond has rarely failed to showcase the eventual Short Film Oscar winner in his picks.

“The Show of Shows gives students the chance to see the year’s very best animated short films on the big screen, with great sound, the way they were meant to be seen,” says Professor Bill Kroyer. “You would have to visit four continents to see the equivalent of this show!”

This year, Show of Shows will include Disney’s Feast (which will be shown alongside the animated feature Big Hero Six in theaters this November) and Pixar’s Lava (which will be shown alongside Inside Out, in theaters June 2015).

Also featured is 365, by Greg and Myles McLeod, composed of 365 one-second films chronicling a year of day by day filmmaking, Me and My Moulton by veteran Animation Show of Shows featured director Torill Kove, and Duet, legendary Disney animator Glen Keane’s directorial debut, and more.

The 16th Annual Animation Show of Shows will take place October 9 in the Folino Theater, between 7PM and 9PM. It is open to the public, but you must RSVP here.