For those in the Digital Arts program using motion capture, Xsens has been a huge help. Their state-of-the-art motion capture technology has helped some of our students do amazing things in their films and projects.

Though we received a version of their MVN technology last year, we recently upgraded to the newest generation. Xsens visited our school recently, and was impressed on our commitment to using the latest tech to make sure our students are working with the best.

They did a case study on us, and wrote:

Chapman University is a prime example of how Xsens MVN systems provide a level of flexibility and ease of use that makes them ideal for educational use. Xsens is proud to be a part of their state of the art design space.  Using the MVN Awinda, Chapman students are now incorporating clean, production quality data into their projects, truly raising the bar for the future of 3D Character Animation.

To read the rest of the study, and hear from our own Kc Wayland about the technology, be sure to head over to Xsens’ website.