Though Halloween is over, we wanted to make sure to share with you all the great success that was The Harvest, which took place on October 28 at the Digital Media Arts Center.

For the entire evening, students and guests were immersed into the world of The Harvest from the second they walked in the door. From the decorations all over the building, to the film itself, people just couldn’t escape from the barn it took place in.

While waiting in line, guests could pick up one of the iPads on the table, and using augmented reality, view the barn in 3D glory. It was pretty incredible!

The virtual reality film told the story of you, the viewer, who has been tied to a chair by a deranged farmer inside his barn. While he threatens you, another victim, dressed as a scarecrow, tries to fight for his life in order to escape. The film takes place around you, allowing you to focus on the action itself, or look around at your surroundings.

The film was directed by Sam Wickert (BFA/Digital Arts ’19), and written by Professor Bill Kroyer, Sho Schrock (BFA/Creative Producing ’19), Sam Wickert, and Eric Leigh (BA/Screenwring ’20). It was produced by Sho Schrock, Bryce Cyrier (BFA/Creative Producing ’17), and Karoline Ribak (BFA/Creative Producing ’19).

In addition to the film itself, guests were also able to check out The Harvest Vive Experience, where they donned a headset, and were able to walk around the barn to explore. Placing the motion sensor controller in an actual lantern in the real world made it easier to believe that we were holding on in the virtual one. Using it as the only source of light, guests could find the farmer’s former victims, his weapons, and a few jump scares.

To cap it off, a behind the scenes reel of the film was playing in the theater all night, for those who wanted to see a deeper look at what it took to create it all.

Our students have really been at the forefront of pushing Dodge College into Virtual Reality, leading the charge for the VR Club, and helping our professors form the Institute of Creative Reality. We have so much more to explore in the virtual, and augmented, reality space, and we cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

For more information on The Harvest, and to find out when you can view it for yourself at home, visit their Facebook page.

Want to learn more about what Dodge College is doing in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality World? The Dodge Cast, the official podcast of Dodge College, will be making its official debut soon, and you’ll be able to hear all about it from Professor Madeline Warren, student Sho Schrock, and alumni company Well Told in the debut episode! Stay tuned for more information and release date!

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