Walking onto the set of the graduate thesis production Bombay Theater and the Magical Sitar there is a silent tension in the air. Cast and crew are pooled around an island of light where soft voices can be heard discussing an upcoming scene. After an intensive shooting schedule, the team is tired but excited to wrap production on the project. The film is set at the height of conflict in 1940’s India and follows a young man as he struggles to survive and care for his younger sister.

As cinematographer Andrew Pearson (MA.FP ’18) and director Sumit Singh (MFA.FP ’18) block the next scene, the silence of the room lifts as the crew members clear and await instruction. After their brief exchange, Pearson relays the necessary changes to his crew with the help of first assistant director Matthew Malrin (MFA.FP ’17). Ears perk and a whirlwind of movement begins as lights are raised and adjusted, the set is dressed, and actors are placed. It is crunch time, and every minute of the rest of the day is accounted for by this dedicated team.

See how the rest plays out on the big screen, Saturday, May 5 at 7 p.m. in Folino Theater.


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