We have an amazing opportunity for the Dodge College graduating class of 2021 to meet and have a 30-minute virtual discussion with a Chapman alumna/us. The alumni have insight from various areas of the industry including:

Production Design
Public Relations
And More…

These Virtual Coffee Talks are a dedicated time for students to learn from professionals and build their network. We will help connect you with an alum who is in your area of interest so that the conversations are most insightful. To assist you in making the most of the time you have we will provide you with prompts you can use if you choose to. You are also welcomed to connect with the Career Advisor with any questions or support in how to best navigate the 30 minutes.

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In the first Coffee Talk we had alumni who represented companies and projects like:

“Barry” “Dead to Me”
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Five by Five (Digital Ad Agency)
“The Hills”

We are excited to have even more alumni join us moving forward. Our goal is to match as many students with alumni as possible for every event. Please submit your entry by the deadline of February 15th, 2021. Students (undergrad and grad) graduating in May 2021 are invited to participate. Not all students will be matched. You will be notified of your participation in the program when a match has been made.

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