Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, local K-12 schools and school districts offer a wide variety of part-time jobs that fit your schedule.

In addition to on-call substitute teacher positions, nearly all public school districts in California hire part-time tutors, aides, and other positions that pay above minimum wage. These positions, with fixed hours during the school day or on-call work (sub positions), can easily fit within a college student’s class schedule while providing valuable work experience.

In and near Orange County, California, substitute teacher positions pay $150 or more per day, and part-time tutor/aide positions often start around $19 per hour. Many only require a high school diploma or limited college coursework, so they are open to undergrads and grads alike.


Unlike private companies and nonprofits that list job openings on sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, most schools and school districts post available positions on EDJOIN, the primary education job website in the United States. Once you create an EDJOIN profile and submit a job application, you may be able to update and revise it to easily apply for other positions.

Some districts, such as the Long Beach Unified School District, host their own career webpages however, so start your job search by locating schools and districts in your area. Also note that public charter schools may list their job openings as part of a district or separately.

When searching EDJOIN and other education career sites, note that “certificated” jobs require a teaching credential, certificate, permit, or license, whereas “classified” job positions don’t. Thus, teaching aide and other paraprofessional positions will be listed as classified, whereas substitute teacher positions will be listed as certificated.

Local District Jobs

Located in central Orange County, Chapman University is surrounded by a number of school districts that are regularly in need of part-time classified employees and substitute teachers. Here’s a short list of districts within commuting distance of Chapman’s Orange campus:

Common part-time job titles to search for are instructional aide (IA), instructional assistant, paraprofessional, teacher’s aide, and AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutor.

Substitute Teaching Positions

In addition to part-time, regular classified staff positions, public schools and school districts are also in desperate need of on-call substitute teachers. To become eligible for substitute teacher positions, current undergrads must complete the following steps to obtain an Emergency Substitute Teaching Permit:

  1. Complete application form 41-4.
  2. Complete a Live Scan test (see here for OC locations).
  3. Submit official college transcripts showing completion of 90+ semester units of coursework.
  4. Submit verification letter certifying current enrollment in a regionally accredited four-year California college or university (see here for details).
  5. Submit passing CBEST, AP, and/or SAT exam scores to fulfill Basic Skills Requirement (see here for details).
  6. Submit application packet (steps 1–5) directly to the CTC (see address on form 41-4) or through a local school or school district office.

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree should follow the CTC instructions to obtain an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit.

Note the permit approval may take up to 3 months. Also note California has waived the application fees for Emergency Substitute Teaching Permits from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Once obtained, the Emergency Substitute Teaching Permit is valid for one year and may be renewed once.

Chapman Career Resources

Chapman University students and alumni can contact Chapman’s Career and Professional Development (CPD) Office for help exploring career paths in education, community organizations, and beyond. CPD offers career resources, workshops, and one-on-one counseling free of charge.

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