The world’s most popular web browser is making its long awaited debut on campus PCs this month. On January 20th, an install patch will be sent to all PCs on campus to install the Chrome browser.

Computers in labs, classrooms, and offices across the university will be able to set their default browser between the three leading browsers, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox. All three leading browsers will be updated to their most current version at the same time.

Regular users of Chrome will be able to sign in to their Google accounts and import their bookmarks and other extensions when using the browser.

The delay on installing Chrome is mostly due to browser compatibility issues with enterprise level software. Applications critical to university operations including PeopleSoft Finance were previously not supported in Chrome, so the roll out was delayed until compatibility could be assured. Recent updates to Chrome and these applications have cleared the way for this install.

As always, if users experience any issues with Chrome on campus computers please contact the Chapman ServiceDesk at their email,