“Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” There’s new Qualtrics Insight Platform in town!

In an effort to make online data collection more streamlined, Qualtrics has implemented a new Insight Platform design to their software.  Qualtrics is one of the most widely used research online software platforms around the world.   For over a year now, Chapman University has made Qualtrics available to all of its staff and faculty members, and there are currently over 200 active users. Chapman University has been using this software to collect many different forms of data ranging from student, staff, and faculty assessments, alumni outreach, marketing research, campus wide financial assessments, and much more.

The new platform is already available to Chapman users.  You are now able to switch back and forth between new and current versions during the preview period but all users will be transitioning to the new platform on June 6, 2016. Learn about the new platform and the new features. If you would like to know more about the new platform or have other Qualtrics questions, feel free to contact Qualtrics Support at:

  • Qualtrics live helpline: 1-800-340-9194 FREE (5pm Eastern Sunday – 9pm Eastern Friday)
  • Qualtrics support email for questions: support@qualtrics.com
  • If you would like to review Chapman University’s proper use guidelines for Qualtrics please visit the CU Qualtrics page.

So what is so nice about this new platform you ask? Well let me give you the low down.

First let us start with the name “Insight”, which means exactly what it says. Everything has been centralized or placed “in sight” on the user’s main page to make creating projects, editing and data collecting easier to access and monitor.  The idea is to make everything available “at-a-glance”, rather than spread out over different tabs or pages.

When creating new projects, users will have more freedom in customization and organization. One of the major updates is for the folders layout. The folders layout is now more centralized to make it easier for users to store and collect data from one or more projects at a time. “At-a-glance” project metrics are now available for more live time monitoring for individual and multiple projects.

Project and survey distribution just got a whole lot more intuitive.  Users can embed survey questions in their email invitations to participants.  When a participant answers an embedded question, it will immediately update the actual survey and the at-a-glance project metrics.  This ultimately reduces the overall data collection time periods and allows for faster data collection and analysis.

Online report visualizations (i.e. graphs, charts, tables, etc.) are now easier to customize and have more customization options available.  Users have more freedom and control over what is being displayed and what is being kept confidential.

Qualtrics, along with Chapman University, is very excited about the new Insight Platform.  Data collection and analysis has just become a lot easier.

For those who are not familiar with Qualtrics, here is a quick intro.  Qualtrics was founded in 2002 by Ryan Smith in his father’s apartment basement in Provo, Utah. Ryan and his father were looking for more innovative and easier ways to organize market research and data collection for his father’s MBA students at Brigham Young University.  For more information about the history of Qualtrics as a company, check out the The Story Behind Quatrics, The Next Great Enterprise Company, by Derek Anderson.

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