On March 24th, Chapman University’s Department of Public Safety has announced that they have partnered up with a new emergency alert vendor, Rave Mobile Safety in an effort to continue providing and maintaining top quality safety standards for the entire campus community. Under the direction of Public Safety, this new Panther Alert System will send out an emergency alert notification via email, phone and text messaging.

Now how is the Panther Alert System different from when we were previously with Blackboard Connect? Simple answer is that the new Rave Mobile Safety offers more options for emergency contacts and will delivery faster emergency notifications to registered users.

During the transition period from the old Blackboard Connect to the new Rave Mobile Safety, you will see little to no change at all.  One change that you need to be aware of is the email notifications will be coming from another source, chapman@getrave.com.  It is important to know that any emails coming from chapman@getrave.com are legitimate and should be taken seriously.   The current Panther Alert phone number  will remain (714) 997-6815.  All information that is currently on the Blackboard Connect system will automatically be migrated over to the new Rave Mobile Safety system.  You will not have to do anything.  However, you are encouraged to log into the Chapman University Public Safety emergency contact information website using your current credentials, and verify all of the information on file is current and accurate.

“The goal of Public Safety is to communicate vital information to each member of our community within minutes of an emergency and, for the sake of redundancy, we feel it is important to deliver the information through different modalities. With this goal in mind we have added the Alertus Desktop Notification which displays a pop-up alert on all Chapman-owned desktop computers connected to the campus network. Users can close the alert by merely clicking a notification button at the bottom of the screen.”   (Mark Davis, Fire and Life Safety Manager)

Additional testing on the Alertus desktop notification software for all campus computers will be conducted on Friday, April 8th at 11:00am.

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