For those who were unable to make it last week, IS&T hosted a cybersecurity event and it was amazing! We had visitors from Fortinet, the OC and LA District Attorney’s Office, and the FBI Cyber Crimes division, here at West Palm to talk about the importance of cyber security and awareness.

Let’s start with Fortinet. Our friends at Fortinet never disappoint when they visit.  They have taken the concept of mobile classrooms to a whole new level.  Large touch screen monitors, display cases showing the latest in hi tech devices, and plenty of room for talks about the latest and greatest in cyber security.  All are housed in a large red semi truck.  Here are some photos from inside the Fortinet truck.

Security Station Fortinet George Talks Fortinet Tech Display Fortinet Truck Inside








We look forward to hosting more of these event over the coming months.  To stay up to date with our event scheduling, please follow us on Facebook.