Chapman is saying goodbye to the Dell desktop PCs as we switch over to a more modern technology called “Thin Client” computers. These new computers will be replacing the current desktop PCs located on the first floor of the Leatherby Libraries, near the printing stations and open work area.  Here is how they work:

LL Thin Client - Before

Current Dell PC setup

LL Thin Client - After

View of the new Thin Clients setup.

The new Thin Clients are considerably smaller than our current desktop PC models.  Don’t let their size fool you as their overall performance is comparable to the current desktops being used. Because of the sleek profile, this new technology will make public access stations look cleaner and less cluttered.

The Thin Client PCs do not need hard disk drives as they operate using a new Virtual Desktop Interface or VDI setup.

So you may be asking “what is a VDI’? In a nutshell, VDI is a desktop housed on a server, rather than a hard drive and displays and operates as a normal Windows desktop. There are many benefits to using this kind of setup such as:

  • Everything on user profile setup
    • Your virtual desktop is housed on one of our protected servers
    • You can save work at one station, and pick up where you left off at another station.
  • Users can modify their own virtual desktop.
    • Your desktop apps can be added, moved, or removed without affecting any other user profiles.
  • Users have easier access to Chapman licensed software
    • You can add any available software to your personal virtual desktop, which can be accessed at any Thin Client station at any time.

Plans for expanding the Thin Client technology to all public computer stations will start with the Leatherby Libraries and eventually to the rest of the Orange and Rinker campus.  We also hope to make VDI technology available to students to use from their personally owned computers in the future, meaning you can access some Chapman owned software from anywhere!