One of the best ways to safeguard your Chapman University account is having a strong password. IS&T is now offering an additional layer of account protection called Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Approval notificationWhat is 2FA?
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of defense against cyber criminals by requiring to provide additional ID verification when accessing Chapman systems from off-campus only. So even if your Chapman University account login information is stolen, the hackers will be unable to access your email and other Chapman resources.

Where else have you seen 2FA being used?
Today, most websites that require users to log into a profile will require users to authenticate their log in after entering their username and password. The most common method used is the six digit verification code you receive via sms text or email. If you use online banking services, chances are they require you to use two-factor authentication to access your accounts.

How will 2FA affect me?
The only time you will be required to verify your account when signing in is when you are not hardwired to the Chapman Network or connected to the Eduroam wifi network.

For more information about MFA or if you are interested in opting in for MFA service, please visit our Two-Factor Authentication website on