Since the start of the Covid pandemic, we have been utilizing help-buttons in our classrooms to provide a faster process to instructors when they need technical support.

As we continue to evolve, we continuously think about more efficient ways to provide technical support to Chapman University’s faculty.

Currently, we are piloting this program in the following locations to test a new support process:

  • 18 classrooms in Beckman Hall
  • 2 Classrooms on the Rinker campus 

When instructors press the help button in these classrooms, they receive a phone call from the assigned technician to probe further and find out if the issue can be resolved on the phone to save class time. If the problem isn’t resolved, the technician will go to the classroom for further assistance.

If you happen to teach in one of these pilot classrooms, you will receive an anonymous survey to rate your experience.

Important note: When operating the help button, please press it one-time. When the light blinks green, a technician will be notified for immediate assistance.