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PantherBot Chatbot is Now Integrated with Canvas

September 29, 2023 by | IS&T

We are thrilled to announce the integration of the PantherBot Chatbot into Canvas (web version only), our learning management system. This strategic partnership aims to create a seamless experience for students, faculty, and staff, enabling them to access vital information and support like never before. With the integration of the PantherBot into Canvas, we are

Unleashing the Power of Growth: PantherBot Expands Its Reach!

March 6, 2023 by | IS&T

Two years ago, Chapman University’s Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) introduced the PantherBot Chatbot to the university’s community. PantherBot utilizes AI to provide quick and reliable information, ensuring you receive the help you require anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This anonymous and multilingual chatbot allows you to ask questions in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or

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