We are thrilled to announce the integration of the PantherBot Chatbot into Canvas (web version only), our learning management system. This strategic partnership aims to create a seamless experience for students, faculty, and staff, enabling them to access vital information and support like never before.

With the integration of the PantherBot into Canvas, we are taking a giant leap forward in making information more accessible. PantherBot, powered by Ocelot’s advanced artificial intelligence, has been designed to provide students with real-time assistance and support throughout their academic journey.

Key Benefits of the Ocelot Chatbot Integration 

  • Instant Answers, anytime, anywhere: You can ask questions such as “Where do I park on campus,” “How do I reset my password?” or “Why can’t I see my courses in Canvas?”. The PantherBot is available 24/7, ensuring students can access the information they need when it suits them best. 
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The integration is designed with accessibility in mind. PantherBot’s user-friendly interface accommodates diverse styles, making it an invaluable tool for all students, including those with varying abilities. 

How It Works

Anyone with access to Canvas will find the chatbot conveniently accessible within the Canvas interface, in the left navigation bar. A simple click will launch the chatbot, which is ready to assist with various inquiries. 

What can I expect from PantherBot?

PantherBot has a knowledge base of over 3,000 questions and responses on Canvas, Registrar’s Office, Leatherby Libraries, Financial Aid, Admissions, and more, so you can ask away! If PantherBot does not have the answer you are looking for, it will provide you with the contact information for the office or put you in touch with a live agent (when available). 

Embracing the Future of Learning

Integrating the PantherBot into Canvas represents a significant step in this direction. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings and its positive impact on our students’ educational journeys.  Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore ways to innovate and elevate your technology experience. 


Thank you, 

Chapman University Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) 

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