Last week, around 150 new students participated in the Leatherby Libraries’ second annual scavenger hunt – The Amazing Panther Race. This activity, part of new student orientation for the spring semester, provided a creative way to explore the library and learn about its resources.

Clues were hidden on each floor of the building. Students visited several of the nine libraries – including the Social Science library, the Film/TV library, and the library of Special Collections and Archives – while also checking out art exhibits, study rooms, and the library’s Facebook page. Of course, several librarians were on hand to answer any questions that students had while exploring. Upon completing the scavenger hunt, students returned to the reference desk where they received their prizes: water bottles, highlighters, and special-edition books that highlight key moments in Chapman’s history.

Many thanks to librarians Maria Yanez and Taylor Greene for their work to set up this scavenger hunt. We hope that Panthers both new and returning will continue to take advantage of the many resources available to them in the Leatherby Libraries.