This month, the library celebrates Women’s History Month with a display of books highlighting women who have made an impact on women’s rights. A new addition to the library’s collection is the book No vote for women: the denial of suffrage in reconstruction America, detailing the challenges of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s campaigns for equal rights.

The new materials display is located behind the reference desk and everything is available for check-out.

Featured DVDs

Featured Books

Film and TV

Comics and pop culture : adaptation from panel to frame

Documentary resistance : social change and participatory media

Criminalization/assimilation : Chinese/Americans and Chinatowns in classical Hollywood film


A supernatural war : magic, divination, and faith during the First World War

Near-death experience in indigenous religions 


Finding Neverland. Selections. Vocal score

Pretty woman. Selections. Vocal score

Josh Groban

Social Science

Making milk : the past, present and future of our primary food 

Raw material scarcity and overproduction in the food industry

Drawing down the moon : magic in the ancient Greco-Roman world 

Enchanted ground : the spirit room of Jonathan Koons

Science and Technology

Basic immunology : functions and disorders of the immune system 

Human molecular genetics 

Lessons in environmental microbiology