The Leatherby Libraries is pleased to offer a new subscription to a text and data mining tool called Constellate.

In addition to our recent subscription to TDM Studio, this is the second text and data mining tool acquired to support research, learning, and teaching at Chapman University.

Constellate was created by the non-profit ITHAKA to support learning, text analysis, and building, visualizing, and analyzing datasets created from content in JSTOR and other open sources. Users may start building datasets directly within the Builder portion of the Constellate interface. Those with Python knowledge can work with Jupyter notebooks or Pandas Series and DataFrames to work with their data. The platform also offers several tutorials and reference guides to help users get acquainted with the system or learn advanced techniques. Users may create up to 10 datasets of 50,000 items per day, with the terms of use located here.*

Please contact Chair of Resources & Scholarly Communications Kristin Laughtin-Dunker at for any questions.

* Please make sure you log into your JSTOR account to use and save results in Constellate.