Awards and Recognitions:

  • Dr. Lawrence Brown was awarded the University of Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy Alumni of the Year Award. He will be recognized on September 9th at the UOP White Coat Ceremony.



Oral (e.g., Platform Presentations, Symposiums, Plenaries, Keynotes)

  • Dr. Mary Gutierrez presented “Pharmacogenomics: A Primer for Clinicians in Psychiatry” at the American Psychiatric Nursing Association‘s 21st Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute, in Reston, Virginia.
  • Dr. Keykavous Parang. presented “Cyclic Peptide-Doxorubicin Conjugates to Overcome Multi-Drug Resistance and Reduce Toxicity” at The 28th American Peptide Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona, during a Flash Talk Oral Presentation on 6/27/2023.
  • Dr. Moom Roosan and Dr. Ajay Sharma presented the “Horizontal and vertical integration approach as an innovative tool in teaching and assessment of pharmacogenomics” at the AACP PGx Virtual Business Meeting on June 22, 2023.