Students Liz Fiacco, Lauren Gragg, Jessica Kernan, Bryson Thill, Alex Solano, David Housky, Billy Peake and Adam Borecki have collaborated to develop the mobile app game ‘Axle’, which is now seeking funding through Kickstarter. The game, which has won 1st place at the IEEE Intercollegiate Game Showcase and nominated for a Cecil Award, tells the tale of a small gear in a toy workshop:

Gifted with determination and enthusiasm, Axle’s drive to prove he is not just another cog in a machine sends him looking for bigger and badder mechanisms to repair. On his adventures, Axle meets other people, and gears, who would use him for their own selfish needs, but it is up to Axle to find out where he truly fits in.

Axle is on a mission to fund three different stages of development.The first Goal of $15,000 releases Axle on the Android Phone. An additional goal of $22,000 would allow Axle to be released on iPhone and Kindle Fire, and another additional goal of $30,000 would allow a level editor to be released for the game. As of October 25, Axle has earned $11,833 of its initial goal.

For more information on the Kickstarter Campaign or to donate, visit the Kickstarter page.

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