Chapman University and Cal State University Fullerton are hosting the third joint  Mathematics Colloquium Thursday, November 15 in Von Neumann Hall. The seminar will cover a variety of mathematics topics with lectures from Chapman and Fullerton professors. Attendees are encouraged to meet at 1:30 in Von Neumann hall for a brief reception.


2:00 pm Lucy Odom (CSU Fullerton) – “Amalgamatic Curvature and Absolute Umbilical Hypersurfaces”

2:25 pm David Tyler (Chapman University) – “Map the Network”

2:50 pm Charley Conley (CSU Fullerton) – “A Rigidity Theorem for Hypersurfaces”

3:15 pm Adrian Vajiac (Chapman University) – “Bicomplex Numbers”

3:40 pm Coffee Break

4:10 pm Nicholas Salinas (CSU Fullerton) – “Polynomial Isometries of P-adic Integers”

4:35 pm Peter Jipsen (Chapman University) – “A Category of Algebraic Contexts dual to Semirings”